Social media – Brand building or brand defense?

Nothing in the world fits the concept of branding like social media does!

Branding is a social happening and the change from one-to-one conversations to many-to-many is what social media and Web 2.0 is all about.

People need to fit in, to belong… to look, think, go and do what the tribe does; and that’s a tremendous part of what drives branding.

Social media is the ultimate person-to-person conversation and conversation is  what sells the latest jeans, athletic shoes and that new “in” restaurant.

Social media is word of mouth to the maximum level!

Companies that make the best use of social media will have the most success in building their brands on the Internet.   But the blade cuts both ways.

In the good old days, your brand was what you made it.  In today’s social media world, your brand is what other people make of it.

And if you have a successful brand or you’re trying to build a one…

…you either control your brand conversation, or the conversation will control your brand.

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