Just Be Who You Are!

I recently met with a prospective client who has a wonderful story to tell.

We’re proposing an online branding campaign to set him apart from a large herd of competitors in a saturated local service industry.  Strong market differentiation is essential in a cluttered field.Continue reading…

Social media – Brand building or brand defense?

Nothing in the world fits the concept of branding like social media does!

Branding is a social happening and the change from one-to-one conversations to many-to-many is what social media and Web 2.0 is all about.

People need to fit in, to belong… to look, think, go and do what the tribe does; and that’s a tremendous part of what drives branding.

Social media is the ultimate person-to-person conversation and conversation is  what sells the latest jeans, athletic shoes and that new “in” restaurant.

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