Electronic Business Cards…

The #1 purpose of a business website is to make something happen… get new clients, sell more products, get people to support your non-profit.

Whatever your intent, your website must make something happen, in order to help the effort.

So why do I see so many websites that are nothing more than electronic business cards?

It may be beautiful and maybe you paid quite a bit for it, but if all your website does is sit there and look pretty… you got gypped!

Everyone using the web for business should want people to read their content on a regular basis, but that’s not enough any more.

You need visitors to your site to take action… you need them to do something that helps you achieve your business goals.  In today’s increasingly diffused online arena, you need a website that’s integrated into a wide-ranging digital marketing strategy.

What’s the #1 reason you must get your website past the electronic card stage right away?

Your competitors… who are lined up to take your share of the digital pie… while your website sits there looking pretty.

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