Where Ya Been DK?

My regular readers have wondered where I’ve been.  I haven’t been posting and tweeting much over the last year… and I’ve received so many emails I decided it’s time to let the cat out of the bag…

I’ve been hanging out in Brooklyn!

At co-working spaces, incubators, lofts in DUMBO and Williamsburg, at meetups… talking face-to-face with people and loving it!

Getting offline screen and into the world has brought about many changes:

Why Brooklyn?

As a graduate of Pratt InstituteBrooklyn Tech, and St. Augustine’s Prep (formerly at Marcy and Lafayette Ave)… I’ve been blessed with one of the finest educations you can get anywhere in the world… all within three miles of my childhood home. So why not Brooklyn!

It’s an honor to give back any way I can… stay tuned for lots more on this.


  1. Mica says

    I’m convinced my startup wouldn’t have happened anywhere else. Lots of good talent in BK but we need more. I hope technology education is part of your new thing

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