Top 10 Things I Learned from SEO Consulting

10. Pay extra for a premium domain name and then leverage it across all of your marketing (online and offline).

9. Price your services for yourself, not your clients.  You’re a top-notch professional with a long and proven track record… you are not a commodity.

8. Stay organized.  Keep your desk and desktop neat and orderly.

7. Keep track of your time!  It is by far your most valuable possession.

6. Take LOTS of notes on everything your clients and prospects say.  The best ideas are often found between the lines.

5. Do not be afraid to fire a client.  Bad clients waste your time and make you feel awful… even when you’re doing a great job.

4. Take time off for yourself, your family, and your friends.  They’re all that really matters.

3. Set goals, “I will get these things done this week, this month, this year, in two years, in five years.”

2. Be honest and straightforward with everyone.  BS will follow you relentlessly and it wastes everyone’s time.

1. Never stop learning!  Twelve years as an SEO professional and I still don’t know everything.


  1. Ray Gittens says

    I had some interesting moments yesterday when I attended the latter part of the ‘Use Your Website as a Business’ workshop at Microsoft. The event, sponsored by InteractiveBiz and Savvy Ladies, was interactively informative. D.K. shared his personal history by wrapping it anecdotally in his business experiences.

    He then touched on several ideas that are good for any business using internet technologies. One of the high points and definitely the most humorous point of the D.K.’s presentation was when he asked, “Who uses Google?”  Then once we replied with raised hands he said, “Google is not your friend!”

    He received a resounding laugh.  After we finished laughing he explained his reasoning.

    The Savvy Ladies also seemed pleased. I know my savvy lady was, when she was recognized from the podium as the Barbara behind the ‘JustCallBarbara’  website in Brooklyn.

    Ray Gittens
    Licensed Real Estate Representative

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