Choosing a Road…

Life seems to always be about decisions.  Many years ago I realized my life was like the poem The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost.

Although I chose to live my life on the road less traveled, I’ve periodically found myself wandering onto the other trail… especially in this year’s horrible economy.  

I can’t recall the last point at which my life took the turn that led me back to the same wonderful place I’ve stood many times before.  Creating and building things has always been my way out of a boring corporate life.  Whether I was working on a billion-dollar brand or my own company after it grew too big to be fun… my escapes always lead back to hands-on creativity.

It’s so easy for me to lose myself in creative thought.  Call it imagination, or flights of fancy… it has always been my gift.  My greatest professional joy comes from putting my creativity to use for other people.

It saddens me when I think of all the time people spend doing and trying – instead of being who they really are and doing what they really want to do.

2011 has been a rough year for many of our clients… and for us too.

I hope next year is the beginning of a new season of life for everyone.

One in which I realize my desire to slow down, simplify everything, and taste a bit more of what life has to offer.

What’s your wish for the new year?



  1. Marie says

    I just want time to sit and think about nothing. Maybe something good will come from it but if not, at least I’ll feel better.

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