Doing Business in The 21st Century…

Actual emails sent this week to and from a client:

Hi Steve, The purchase order had “K.D. Smith” in the vendor area however, I signed it D.K.  Not a big deal to me… as long as it doesn’t delay the project startup.  Maybe you should check on that order.

Hey DK, Shouldn’t be a problem, but l’ll cc your email to Tricia.  (Tricia, please see below.)

Hi Steve, Thanks. Some of our clients’ payment systems go berserk if a single thing doesn’t match up.  “KUDOS” for having a person handling things!

Hey DK, “Tricia” is the acronym for our company’s Tracking, Reimbursement, Inventory, Cost & Invoice Automation.

Hi Steve,

Cartoon by Andertoons

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