WordCamp Boston 2011

Among other skills… I am a WordPress security expert and will be speaking at WordCamp Boston on Saturday morning, July 23rd.  The topic…

“WordPress Security – Facts and Fiction”

If you’re into WordPress or would like to learn about it and you’re in the Boston area, where I lived for fourteen years (a story for another time)… I expect to see you at WordCamp Boston.

In case you don’t  know… WordPress is the #1 digital marketing platform on the web.

Unless you’re at the enterprise level, all of the other open-source CMS apps are pieces of crap… this is based on six years of our clients’ results with the hyper-custom WordPress websites we develop.

Disagree?  Then let me know.


  1. Yasmin says

    I could not agree more about open source CMS.

    Drupal is like a fine Italian sports car. The only issue is that you need to keep an old Italian mechanic locked in your garage to maintain it. 

    Joomla is just horrible for any type of online marketing or anything else for that matter!

    MovableType is great if you’re a serious techno-whiz. And the developer communities for the few others worth mentioning are too small to support business usage.

    Which leaves wonderful WordPress.

  2. says

    Hi DK – Your security talk at WordCamp Boston was great.  I’m in the process of following your advice, but I couldn’t find a link to the WP Intrusion plugin you mentioned – could you let me know where to find it?  Thanks.

  3. D.K. says

    Brian & Daniel, I will update the slides and re-post them when I return to NYC.  Glad you found presentation helpful…

  4. Patricia Browne says

    DK you scared the crap – or maybe just the complacency – out of me.  I mentioned you in my blog posting about Wordcamp…

    Can’t wait to see the content you talked about posting.

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