New Year… Old Habit

It’s 2014!  Out with the old and in with the new… but some of my old habits just won’t go away!

As a kid I wanted to eat pizza every day… my Mom had other ideas.

As an adult I’ve made my dream a reality and can obsessively eat pizza without reprimand.

My addiction is now even more satisfying since a friend who’s a nutrionist told me that pizza is also quite good for you!  So you’ll often can find me at the best pizza places in Brooklyn:

  • Antonio’s on Flatbush at 7th Ave… my “Cheers” except they yell “DK” and I’m not as rotund as Norm!
  • My Little Pizzeria, Court and State St… you’ll find me in the courtyard out back, hunkered over a tray of slices.
  • Juliana’s at 19 Old Fulton near Front will always be “Patsy’s” to us long-time addicts.  This is slice of heaven territory… two slices and you’ll be hooked too!

If you see me at these pizzerias and say hi… and I start to guard my plate… have some sympathy for a long-time pizza addict with a bad great habit!


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