Got it… finally!

Welcome to my new website.   The prior owner finally sold the domain after eight years of emails and calls… begging, cajoling, pleading with him to sell it.

He even rejected offers of serious bucks.

Luckily the economy went south since I began this quest to secure my online brand.  In December of 2008 he offered to sell for under $10,000.

Hurray for the bad economy… at least in this regard!

Now all I have to do is regularly post my thoughts.  Of course, since acquiring the domain I’ve been so busy with client projects that I haven’t had time to get the site together.

So pardon the spartan appearance… the site will soon be filled with engaging and provocative content.  And maybe a nicer design…

Update on 11/4/09…

Now sporting a new design, which we’ll probably tweak here and there once we live with it for a while.   What do you think?

Update on 2/22/14… new mobile-responsive site went live!

Leave comments, questions, and guffaws below.


  1. Mark says

    Hey DK, Can’t believe I found you. This is Mark from the first semester you taught the Business & Marketing course. I was thinking about you the other day. Had a free moment just now and decided to google “dk smith”.

    Figured I’d just get a laugh reading through all the Smiths on google and instead you were the 4th one out of 30-million!

    Glad you’re doing well. I’m still in business for myself. It’s been 15 years and every week I use some of the things you taught us. Will stay in touch now that I’ve located you. Subscribed to your RSS so I can keep up with what you’re doing. Best regards, Mark J.

    • D.K. says

      Very happy to hear you’re still in business… especially in this economy.  Will write a post or two specifically for photographers and creative professionals as soon as I can think of something pertinent.

      Thanks for thinking of me,


    • D.K. says

      Thanks for stopping by.  Those buttons are a bit too big, will ask the designer to reduce them.  Watch the RSS for more on the upcoming Twitter debacle (ooops, did I say that out loud?)

  2. Mr G says

    hi dk, hope everything is cracking. waiting to hear back from Exxxxxxx Taylor about meeting, possibly next week. need to hear if u r interested in being marketing officer. this will be a serious meeting, awaiting feedback from u.  Mr. G

    • D.K. says

      Hi G, Check your email for details and some competitive intel that should prove useful.  I’m in!  Let me know about meeting via usual channels.

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