Why We’re Not LinkedIn

The on-going flurry of requests to connect on LinkedIn compels me to write this post.

#1. I don’t know youintl-stop-sign

Never heard of you… no clue why I should add you to my network.  Then I google you and don’t find much and what I do find is vague.

Or maybe we met once at a meetup. That could be enough if googling you shows you’re an experienced professional… and you’re not a direct competitor to someone already in my network.

#2. You use the “default” LinkedIn profile photo

DUH!  We’d be Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber if we connected.  And guess who’d be dumber?

#3. You compete with one of my connections

First-degree connections on LinkedIn can lead directly to partnerships, sales, and startup funding.  If I already have one or two connections in your area of expertise, I’m probably not going to add another one.

That goes double for startups.  I mentor and advise more than a dozen startups… others are clients and there’s a bunch I like just because. I’m not going to connect with a competitor to any of them.

#4. My LinkedIn network is curated

I maintain a policy of connecting with people I really know… and I define “really know” as:

  • we’ve interacted professionally… client, colleague, business associate, trusted vendor
  • we’ve had a very memorable conversation
  • someone in my network says you’re great… and I trust what they say because I know their standards
  • you’re famous enough that those three things do not matter because I’m flattered that you want to connect with me
  • I read your profile and think you’re really cool.  Hey… I’m human!

The quality of my connections is important when it’s time to make an introduction, or provide a recommendation or referral.

I value quality over quantity and do not need 500+ connections to look important!

I have a small network of people I actually know, instead of a large network of people I barely know.  This serves my connections best when they need help… and creates more meaningful relationships for everyone.

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