I help founders succeed!

I help talented founders succeed at each stage… from early pre-seed to series B.

If you had a whole day with an expert what could you accomplish?  How much time and money will you save when someone asks you the right questions?

Solutions & Approaches You Haven’t Considered

The process begins with a free consultation to discuss your needs.  I’ll then provide a specific plan for your project. 

Startup Services

  • Opportunity Assessment.  You can state problems or ask questions. Do I have a good idea?  How do I move forward?  Where’s my opportunity?  Do I need a technical co-founder?  I will ask clarifying questions and recommend a solution or an approach to solve your issues… and many times uncover problems that you didn’t notice.
  • Business Formation & Seed Funding.  Innovations are typically brought to market by a small team.  I can help you through all the crucial milestones: business model refinement, fundraising, product launches, scaling up, staffing, and financial planning.
  • Advisor Check-In.  Are you concentrating on the right things?  Are you using the right technology?  Are you doing something that puts your innovation at risk?  What’s the marketplace doing?  Are you in line with consumer trends?  By spending a day with me every month, you and your investors can sleep soundly.
  • Prototyping & Product Development. How do you make your idea into a concrete product or service?  What’s the most cost efficient process?  What do investors want to see at your stage?  My team and I can help you develop, refine, engineer, and prototype your concept.
  • Monetization.  I will help you assess options for monetizing your innovation, and explore the best ways to move forward.  Monetization options include sales strategies, business formation, licensing, and various types of seed financing, partnering, and crowdfunding.
  • Digital Marketing.  Is your site getting enough traffic?  How are your conversion rates?  After you’re TechCrunched and the fireworks die down… do you have a realistic customer acquisition strategy?  What about SEO, or manageable community & social media engagement?
  • Concept Testing & Refinement.  You must talk with your target customers at various points throughout the development process.  I’ll help you use a variety of agile research methods to test your concept, correctly interpret the results, and evolve your product.
  • Vendor Sourcing.  Who will build your product?  Do you need help with UX/UI or a coder?  How much will it cost?  I will help you find answers by:
    • Creating a shortlist of top developers and writing your RFP… project definition, goals, and deliverables.
    • Vetting process: develop interview questions, negotiate with firms, and help identify the best candidate for your project. 
    • Evaluating results: assess deliverables, critique your prototype and help you refine it.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection is a wise investment.  I can help you determine what IP is needed and how to obtain it.  For patent research and IP filings I can refer you to one of our trusted attorneys, or help you find and negotiate with qualified IP agents.

Wherever you are in the startup process, I can help you.