Why Preeminence Is So Important…

On the surface, preeminence is about having your brand immediately connected to a consumer need or want.

Think quick… fast food!

What’s the first thing that came to mind?  It’s likely McDonalds popped into your head.

Market preeminence is about controlling your target’s perception of your product or service within a market segment.

Ultimate preeminence is when your name becomes a verb:

  • Fedex that so I get it tomorrow morning
  • Google it
  • Xerox this report for our meeting

These imposing synonyms illustrate the full importance of preeminence:

  • ascendancy, authority, domination
  • power, supremacy, influence

Do you understand preeminence now?

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  1. Joe Baldwin says

    I want to thank you very much not only for this post but also for all your insights. I find this to be greatly interesting and I will be coming back for more information.

    • D.K. says

      Not at all. How many delivery companies were in business when Fedex came along?

      All it takes is a killer solution in a narrowly targeted niche.

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