About D.K. Smith

Welcome to my blog, where I think out loud about entrepreneurship, startups, and business on the Internet.

I’ve been an ecommerce, SEO, digital marketing, lead generation and monetization consultant since 1998… helping local businesses, Fortune 1000′s, web firms, and entrepreneurs dominate their markets.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY… I received one of the finest educations in the world at Brooklyn Tech and Pratt Institute.  The combination of science, technology, engineering, art, design and creativity provided the perfect foundation for my career on the web.

Before gaining entrepreneurial freedom, I held product management positions with Gillette and Playtex.

Dissatisfied with corporate life, I started my first business in New England and sold it 10 years later for seven figures… relocated to Atlanta and co-founded a multimedia company.  Two years later we were acquired by an ad agency.  Innovative marketing drove the growth to both exits. Since then I…

  • taught in Pratt’s Institute’s design entrepreneurship program
  • became a WordPress security expert
  • taught faculty to integrate technology into curricula, as Director of Academic Technology at Brooklyn Friends
  • grew Brooklyn Startups to over 900 members
  • teach Tournament Level Chess to first to fifth-graders
  • founded a Brooklyn startup incubator

In 2008 I began providing due diligence services to angel investors and VC firms. From there it was a short hop to helping founders build startups and get funding. 

Working with entrepreneurs, startup founders, and investors brings all my skills and interests together.

My success comes from helping other people be successful.

“You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar

My greatest accomplishment is my daughter who plays AAU and varsity basketball.  She’s fast as lightning, almost 6′ 1″ and formidable on defense. “Yes… I now look up into her eyes!”

She consistently earns top grades and has nice friends in many different circles. Her latest achievement, a 93 average and High Honors during basketball season… when her grades typically drop a bit!

All that, yet she remains humble… probably by letting her proud Dad do the boasting.  BTW, she made that shot!

Peace and good luck with all you do,