Why We’re Not Linkedin

A deluge of requests to connect on Linkedin compels me to explain why we may not be connected.

#1. I don’t know youintl-stop-sign

Never heard of you… have no clue why I should add you to my network.  I googled you and didn’t find much and what I did find was vague.

Or maybe we met at a meetup.  That could be enough if Continue reading…

How to Build Your Lean Startup: Intensive Workshop

Six Hours of Practical Methods & Tactics

Minimize risk and waste in your customer development process and MVP build out.

Sunday, March 16th – 10:30am to 5:30pm

A few words on what to do… followed by LOTS of how to do it:

  • Hands-on learning… develop your startup during the workshop
  • Insider advice on how potential investors will view your startup
  • Questions and answers on your specific startup idea

This is a how-to workshop.  Come prepared to do real work and make significant progress on your startup!

Results: 1. you get coherent, actionable customer development steps that help you build your MVPand pivot when necessary… 2. you learn how to build an effective Minimum Viable Product that can scale up.

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